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Wode: 'Servants of the Countercosmos' CD

Image of Wode: 'Servants of the Countercosmos' CD


CD version of 'Servants of the Countercomos'

1. Crypt of Creation
2. Celestial Dagger
3. Temple Interment
4. Servants of the Countercosmos
5. Chaosspell
6. Undoing

'Barely a year after spellbinding the underground with their self-titled debut, Wode’s follow-up ‘Servants of the Countercosmos’ ventures into the farthest reaches of the unknown with 6 songs channelling the chaos, brutality and fury of the Inverted Cosmic Order. Immediately recognisable not just for their heavy-metal take on traditional black metal but also for their spirit of evil invention, ‘Servants…’ sees Wode’s palette broaden further still, with a matrix of black and death metal, dark electronics and acoustic passages giving fullest expression to the Ancient English Madness from which they take their name. Wilfully out-of-step with the ebb and flow of extreme music trends, Wode’s latest album shows their vision of metal’s outer limits to be singular, sepulchral and sharper than ever: it is COUNTERCOSMOS.'

Housed in a six-panel digipack case and limited to 1000 copies. Released by Avantgarde Music (AV316)